The big fight may be over, but the implications of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao with respect to real-time, one-to-many streaming of video through apps like Meerkat and Periscope are still rippling through the media industry. In short, livestreaming apps allow anyone with a smartphone to effortlessly broadcast live video to social media followers and the wider internet – everything from ordinary life activities (e.g., an individual walking down the street), to live action (e.g., events, protests), to the redistribution of content (e.g., streaming a popular cable show).

This past week, the media reported widespread streaming of the pay-per-view broadcast of the fight by individuals who had paid to view the fight at home. While Periscope’s streams expire after 24 hours and Meerkat does not archive streams, new platforms are being rolled out to support the users of these types of apps, thus suggesting that this may be a growing phenomenon. Expect the delicate push and pull involving DMCA takedown notices to continue between content owners and these new streaming apps. Though, it should be noted that the intellectual property rights issues associated with real-time streaming through these apps are not straightforward, particularly when dealing with the stream of a live event directly from the venue of that event.

Stay tuned for further developments.